Our Goal: To increase global competence and understanding through education, collaboration, and thought leadership

The Columbus Council on World Affairs is a non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 1975 focused on connecting world affairs with the Central Ohio community and beyond. 

Trade. Security. Environment. Health. Population. From Columbus to Beijing to Kandahar, these issues have no borders. Global matters impact us locally. Local matters impact the world. The Global Fluency Institute delivers outstanding programs on the world's most pressing issues, helping you thrive in our global environment.

Our Team

Who We Are

Patrick Terrien

President & CEO

Hannah Meyer

Vice President

Jessica Flowers

Director of Education

Jeffrey Jackson

Director of Marketing & Communications

Kendra Polito

Global Scholars Advisor

Afnan Salem

Program Coordinator
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Laura Stone

Global Scholars Advisor

Anushka Das

Program Coordinator

Emily Mowery

Business & Finance Manager
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